Travel to me is life. It is the air I breathe. It is my source of inspiration. It is my connection to myself, others, and the world around me. As I move through the world, I want to carry less. I want to live harmoniously with the people, places, and ideas that inspire me.

The result is the creation of a 12-piece assemblage synonymous with freedom, seen through the lens of architecture, design, wellness, nature, and the modernist movement.

GOSS is less about the introduction of a new fashion brand and more about the celebration of a new narrative.

Derrick Goss


GOSS is a travel inspired luxury expression of life through style. Inspired by the elements and fueled by the idea of living beautifully yet mindfully in an age of excess. It is the ultimate land-to-sea collection with restrained geometric beauty that celebrates the modern male with a redefined masculinity, free of rules and inhibition.

Designed for the man who is at one with his elements. He strives to live in harmony with everything and conflict with nothing. This became the guiding principle for how we create, how we market, and how we do business.



With fabric sourced from the finest mills around the world, we are continually evolving to produce products that reduce our environmental footprint.

We have a demand-based model rooted in essentialism, in essence; mindful production that strives for zero waste. We use excess and archived fabrics that are reimagined and create where there is a gap. We try to maximize fabrication across all design. We form partnerships with vendors that amplify local economies.

We only order when there is a demand. We live in a world of immediacy, but we aim to be more conscious about the world we live in.



GOSS is handcrafted with asymmetrical simplicity.

Signature GOSS products are seasonless, all terrain and climate agnostic. The collection is made by hand in New York with fabrics sourced globally, from the finest mills in Italy and Japan. With featherweight characteristics, all GOSS pieces have breathable comfort, high resistance to abrasion and tearing, and wrinkle resistant technology.

GOSS delivers on the harmony that whether at home or on the-go, you can ball it up, throw it in a weekend bag, and look effortlessly cool, from beach to street, sunrise to sunset.